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Servicing Garson, Sudbury and area

(705) 920-5573    (mobile service)

Mobile Dental Hygienist

Phone: (705) 920-5573
Zoom Whitening
Dental Cleanings
Teeth Whitening
Home Visits
Long Term Care vists
First time dental cleaning for Children
Custom Fit Mouthguards made in 1 day .
Designer Mouthguards
dual layer,logo designs
Tracy Coyne of Absolute Dental Hygiene Care  services Garson, and Greater Sudbury Area. Mobile Dental Hygienist will visit you! Dental Cleanings , Teethwhitening, Mouthguards, and referrals. Dental Insurance plans are accepted. Dental Hygienist Practitioner with 20 years of experience both in private practice, long term care and professor work. Hygienists are now regulated  to authorize the controlled act of scaling  (dental cleanings) for clients . The public can have a professional dental cleaning with a dental hygienist . This allows underserviced areas and  the general public to have access to dental hygiene services within our community. Dental Hygienists work in collaboration with dentists ,denturists, physicians and health care providers on your behalf.

The mouth is linked to the health of the body.

See a dental hygienist regularly for oral assessments. Dental Hygienists can make referrals for you to see a dentist,denturist,or physician if needed.

Nervous? Anxious? Homebound?  
Dental services  for everyone in  their home.
Dental Insurance Plans are submitted on your behalf.
Dental Hygienists follow the Dental Hygiene fee Guide in the province of Ontario.
We also work with clients who have special needs, dementia, and disabilities.
Bleaching system using take home trays or Zoom whitening. 1 hour chairside procedure light activation with light. 2-8 shades have been received by some individuals. Please note: individual whitening shades vary per client and results may vary.
Custom Fit Mouthguards are mandatory in high contact sports. They should fit snug, comfortable, and help in preventing toothloss, trauma to the teeth and tissues. Mouthguards can be made in 1 day. Schedule your home visit or team visit today.
Mobile Home visits are available. Mobile portable dental equipment.
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Absolute Dental Hygiene Care
The Mouth is the Gateway to the Body.

Have a Professional Dental Hygienist assess your mouth regularly .
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"Absolute dental hygiene care"
Tooth jewelry, crystals, can be placed on teeth for a sparkly smile. No damage ,no drilling to the teeth. Can be removed . Last from 3 months to 1 year.
Zoom Professional Teeth Whitening.
Customized Mouthguards for hockey,karate,boxing and contact sports.

Choose your level of protection, dual layered,single layers, many colors to choose from.
Choose your design, and logo.

Mouthguards fabricated in 1 day.

Dental Hygiene Care for all ages. Families, elderly, children and homebound.
Mobile Dental Hygienist ,Where we visit you! Difficulty finding time to schedule an appointment? homebound? first time new clients? Dental hygiene assessments,  dental cleanings, mouthguards, teethwhitening  and referrals are some of the services provided by Absolute.
Dental Insurance Plans accepted.
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